Lexmark Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
Lexmark  Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V
US $210-220
1 piece

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Lexmark T650dtn
Lexmark T652dtn
Lexmark T656de
Lexmark T658de
Lexmark T654dtn
Lexmark T651de



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RoHS compliant

The operator panel displays the message 80 Scheduled Maintenance at each 300K page count interval. It is necessary to replace the fuser assembly, transfer roller, charge roll, and pick tires at this interval to maintain the print quality and reliability of the printer.

After replacing the kit, the maintenance count must be reset to zero to clear the “80 Scheduled Maintenance”
Part #: 40X4765 is compatible with:Model Name:↓ Model Number:
Lexmark T650dn  4062-01A 
Lexmark T650dtn  4062-01A 
Lexmark T650n  4062-01A 
Lexmark T652dn  4062-23A 
Lexmark T652dtn  4062-23A 
Lexmark T652n  4062-21A 
Lexmark T654dn  4062-43A 
Lexmark T654dtn  4062-43A 
Lexmark T654n  4062-41A 
Lexmark T656dne  4062-630 
Lexmark TS654dn  4062-43A 
Lexmark X651de HV  7462-031 
Lexmark X651de LV  7462-0A1 
Lexmark X652de HV  7462-035 
Lexmark X652de LV  7462-0A5 
Lexmark X654de HV  7462-232 
Lexmark X654de LV  7462-2A2 
Lexmark X656de HV  7462-236 
Lexmark X656de LV  7462-2A6 
Lexmark X656dte HV  7462-236 
Lexmark X656dte LV  7462-2A6 
Lexmark X658de HV  7462-436 
Lexmark X658de LV  7462-4A6 
Lexmark X658dfe HV  7462-436 
Lexmark X658dfe LV  7462-4A6 
Lexmark X658dme HV  7462-436 
Lexmark X658dme LV  7462-4A6 
Lexmark X658dte HV  7462-436 
Lexmark X658dte LV  7462-4A6 
Lexmark X658dtfe HV  7462-436 
Lexmark X658dtfe LV  7462-4A6 
Lexmark X658dtme HV  7462-436 
Lexmark X658dtme LV  7462-4A6